Don't have time to volunteer. There are many other ways to support this wonderful school. Below is a list of supplies and other goods that are always needed.


Contact Lakewood regarding donations (704-391-0600) or you can order from our Amazon Wishlist.

Paper Goods:

  •           Single serving paper or Styrofoam plates, bowls and cups

  •           Paper towel rolls

  •           Toilet Tissue rolls

  •           Kleenex boxes

  •           Plastic gloves

  •           Paper napkins

Cleaning Items:

  •           Dawn detergent

  •           Liquid or powdered laundry detergent

  •           Fabric softener (liquid or powder)

  •           Windex

  •           Bleach

  •           Ammonia

  •           Non-anti-bacterial hand soap

  •           Sponges

Office Supplies:

  •           Paper, white, colored, construction, anything!

  •           Self-sealing envelopes

  •           Manila envelopes (all sizes)

  •           Ink pens

  •           Post it notes

Parent Meetings:

  •           Coffee, creamer, sweetener

  •           Teas

  •           Canned nuts

  •           Crackers, snack mixes

  •           Boxed cookies or other treats

  •           Soft drinks or bottled juice

  •           Nice paper goods

  •           Plastic tablecloths

Classroom Supplies

  •           Multicultural clothing and clothing/dress ups for dramatic play

  •           Multicultural pictures to hang in classroom

  •           Developmentally appropriate puzzles

  •           Books for children

  •           Multi-language books