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hummingbirdThe Four Year Old Program

The Hummingbirds Classroom

The Four Year Old Program, or “The Hummingbirds” are so named because of the tall green framed door leading into the classroom that may remind you of a hummingbird’s chest, also this room tends to be ‘humming’ with activity! Funding for this room is provided, in-part, by the North Carolina Pre-K. There are 18 Four-year-old children enrolled in the Green Room under the daily care of a full-time teacher and a full-time assistant. 

The four year old curriculum, Opening the World of Learning (O.W.L.), incorporates all domains of learning, including social-emotional, cognitive, language, communication and physical development. This comprehensive curriculum integrates language and literacy skills through rich content in social studies and science, favorite children’s books, non-fiction books, songs, and poems.

stemSTEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM Education, a term initiated by the National Science Foundation, refers to an educational approach which integrates more than one of these disciplines. hummingbird 6Science, technology, engineering, and math may seem like lofty subject matter for preschool children. However, preschoolers spontaneously engage in STEM activities indoors and out on a regular basis which helps to develop their critical thinking skills.

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hummingbird 7In addition to language, literacy and math skills, participation in Pre-Kindergarten fosters the development of the whole child.

hummingbird 9hummingbird 4The language skills in the O.W.L curriculum include conversation (speaking and listening), vocabulary development, book and print awareness, phonemic awareness, letter identification and writing. Integrated mathematics skills include number sense, numeration, spatial sense, measurement, geometry, and patterns. Science and social studies and the arts are woven throughout the day.

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