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curriculum approach

creative curriculumUtilizing developmentally appropriate curriculum and the Creative Curriculum approach provides a nurturing entry for children and parents acclimating to the routines and interactive learning of a preschool environment 0-5 years of age. It emphasizes observation, an environment tailored to the needs of students, individualized learning and independent skills. The approach encourages active learning and responsibility in students and requires a strong family involvement and support component. Parents are required to volunteer in the classroom at least once a month and are expected to attend family education and support sessions.

cc01At the beginning of the year, teachers conduct the Boehm-3 Preschool assessment on the three-year-old students and set individual goals. The Executive Director asks each family to fill out the Ages and Stages Questionnaire form and a social/emotional form for all children. These documents provide a baseline of understanding of all children and allow the staff and Executive Director to monitor the needs of all children (including those needing additional services from other community agencies).

Our teachers and staff are one of the primary reasons Lakewood Preschool is unique and able to fulfill its mission. Since the inception of LWPSC, its Board has been committed to hiring and retaining highly qualified teachers and staff, and accordingly offers competitive salaries and benefits, including professional development and training opportunities. LWPSC requires its lead teachers to have (at a minimum) an associate’s degree and assistant teachers to have North Carolina Childcare credentials. However, to minimize turnover and provide additional benefits for students, LWPSC also provides educational assistance for staff to pursue a Bachelor’s degree while working at the preschool.

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Lakewood Preschool has been awarded the highest ranking
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