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LWPSC continues to fulfill a unique need in the Lakewood Community. LWPSC begins the educational experience before birth. Rather than waiting to see who comes to its doors, staff spends time in the neighborhood with home visits and community events to get to know the families and make them aware of the offerings of the school. LWPSC believes that many of these families would not avail themselves of the preschool opportunity without the early exposure to LWPSC through the Infant/Toddler Family Education and Support Program. The Infant/Toddler Family Education and Support Program are accomplished in collaboration with Child Care Resources Inc.’s Early Head Start Child Care Partnership and or the YMCA Community Development Program called “Parents As Teachers”. Parents as Teachers is a national home visiting program that emphasizes the fact parents are the child’s first and most important teacher. Participation in this program is completely voluntary and can begin with the family as soon as they learn that they have conceived a child. Parent educators meet the families in their home and provide developmental information and referrals to support family goals and needs. The Parents as Teachers program helps parents learn play activities that focus on helping children build school skills through play. The staff and board also partner with the Lakewood Community Development Corporation and the Lakewood Neighborhood Alliance to build awareness and understanding of the resources offered through the preschool and identifies children who are new to the neighborhood who would benefit from enrollment.

Families who apply to LWPSC will be assigned to the Infant/ Toddler and two and three-year-old classrooms based on the following criteria:

  • families who have participated in the Infant/Toddler Family Support and Education program and qualify for Early Head Start,
  • children in the Lakewood neighborhood, and 
  • children in surrounding communities, including Biddleville, Enderly Park and Smallwood.

All families live within a five-mile radius of the preschool and are provided with transportation to and from school if needed.

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Lakewood Preschool has been awarded the highest ranking
by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (NCDCDEE).